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Power Record Trial 2.0

Power Record can be used to record sound from the computer
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Singing Electrons, Inc.

Power Record is a program that everyone can use in order to record sound from their computers.
It allows to record the sound coming from any source, like a microphone or an online radio. You can start the recording manually, or schedule them beforehand, with starting and ending times. You can also choose to schedule periodical recordings, something especially useful if you want to record a radio or a TV program.

The program can record sound in .WAV, .MP3 and .WMV formats. If you don´t have the encoders that you need to generate files in a given format, the program will open the help page, where it will give you the links and instructions to solve this problem. You can specify the quality that you want the target files to have in. The program has a feature called "Song Grabber", that will record the sound during a given time (default is five minutes), enough to record a whole song from the source that you are using.

The trial version can be used for free for fourteen days. You will need to validate it free, asking for a validation number that the author will send you by email.

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  • It can be used to record any type of sound going through your computer


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